About is run by Elle, a health care enthusiast and scholar.

My goal with this site is to share valid data and accurate information on the most common signs and symptoms men and women are suffering nowadays. It’s the type of site I wished to consult years ago – Elle

I am currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Growing up, I loved food and cooking. As I grew older, my focus shifted to living a healthy lifestyle and eating well. I noticed a trend of increasingly preventable chronic diseases in the general population. This is something that has also affected people I know and I wanted to learn more about prevention and living healthy.

I ended up studying Nutrition and Health in University…

I now spend my time encouraging friends and family around me to join me in eating well and enjoying an active lifestyle.

I believe your health is too important to ignore and it’s never too late to start focusing on it. I also believe that noticing symptoms is the key to quick diagnoses. Noticing what symptoms you are experiencing is the key to diagnosing many diseases. Without symptoms, you would not know that something is wrong with you.

I find that many people easily ignore minor symptoms

They brush it off as “nothing”. However, many threatening diseases have symptoms that mimic symptoms of diseases that are minor and common. This is why it’s important to do as much research as possible to confirm what you are actually experiencing.

Consult your doctor, and check this site often

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