If You Suffer Any of These Anemia Symptoms, Take a Blood Test and Know What to Do Next

Anemia is a medical condition that occurs when red blood cells in the blood are low. Red blood cells are important for the body because they transfer oxygen to all the cells in the body. Anemia symptoms can vary depending on how serious one’s condition is. In some cases, the symptoms are not noticeable and one can only be sure if they have anemia if they undergo a blood test. Anemia occurs in about 5-10% of the American population.

anemia symptoms

Anemia symptoms Exposed

Studies show that fertile women have a greater chance of developing anemia because of the loss of blood during menstrual bleeding. In fact, 20% of women experience anemia.  Anemia is the most common blood disorder out there.

Anemia caused by iron deficiency occurs when one’s body requires more iron than it’s receiving. This is the most common form of anemia and it is necessary that the body gets enough iron to make hemoglobin, a transporter of oxygen in the red blood cells. Anemia that is caused by bleeding is usually caused by heavy menstrual bleeding, or ulcers in the colon or throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

Ulcers can cause blood to leak out. Anemia can also be a result of alcoholism, chronic diseases, malnutrition, and kidney diseases. Pregnancy is also a common cause of anemia; 50% of pregnant women experience anemia. Another type of anemia is sickle cell. This usually is hereditary disease that causes one’s hemoglobin molecules to be abnormally shaped.

The anemia symptoms usually appear slowly, which can make it easy to go unnoticed. The most common symptom people report is fatigue. Those with fatigue can also experience weakness and shortness of breath. People may also find that their skin, nail beds, gums, and eyelid linings become paler. One’s stool can change into a maroon or black colour and be sticky.

Other unpleasant symptoms that one can experience include lower blood pressure, brittle nails, irritability, headaches, ringing in the ears, decreased appetite, a sore tongue, and heart palpitations (racing heart or irregular heartbeats).

The symptoms caused by anemia can be so slow to develop that it can be easy to miss. One may not realise how tired they have been until after treatment. Some people have such mild symptoms that they must get a blood test in order to find out that they have anemia. If you recognize anemia symptoms or signs, it is important that you get it evaluated by a medical professional.

Anemia symptoms and treatments – Signs of being anemic


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