Biotin for Hair Growth Review ~ Does Biotin Help Hair Growth?

There are many hair growth and nail treatments out there. However, not all products on the market work that well because they lack an important nutrient, biotin. Biotin for Hair Growth by Eu Natural is a pharmaceutical-grade biotin supplement that can be used to support healthy hair, strong nails, and glowing skin. Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H.

Does Biotin Help Hair Growth?

Biotin-5000-eu-naturals-amazon-buyThe body naturally produces biotin. However, some people take biotin supplements because it can counteract hair loss. Others may take this vitamin to have their hair grow more quickly or become thicker. It is important to note that results may vary between each individual.

Hair growth rate can depend between different individuals. Factors can include metabolism, activity levels of the individual, diet, nutrition, as well as how often the individual hydrates himself or herself.

In addition to hair and nail growth, there are some individuals that find that biotin helps manage symptoms of diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, and yeast symptoms. Biotin can help the body metabolize carbohydrates more effectively, which in result helps the body manage sugar levels in the blood.

Biotin 5000 mcg

Biotin for Hair Growth by Eu Natural is extra strength and provides 5000mcg of biotin per serving.  It is taken in a form of a pill. The product helps support active cellular energy from the biotin that is in it. Doses of biotin may range from 2500 to 10000 mcg for hair growth. Some individuals start with 2500 to have their body slowly adjust to the vitamin before working their way into higher doses. However, many individuals who start off with 5000mcg find it to be effective enough.

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. This means that any excess biotin that the body cannot use will be excreted via the urine. The body will not be able to overdose on this vitamin.

Biotin 5000 mcg Side Effects

Although you cannot overdose on biotin, there are some possible side effects of biotin. These side effects can vary person-to-person. Some may have side effects while others have none. It can increase the risk of you developing cystic acne on the chin or jawline. Those who stop taking the supplement will find that their cystic acne will fade away. Drinking plenty of fluids can reduce the risk of developing acne during the treatment.

Women who are pregnant should consult with their doctor before taking biotin supplements. High doses of biotin may increase the risk of miscarriage. In addition, those who are taking anti-seizure medications or medications that lower cholesterol should also talk to their doctor before taking biotin. It can make the medication less effective.

You should keep this product out of reach from children and if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, it is important to consult your doctor prior to taking it.

People who have tried this product claim the pills are very small. After using this product, you may experience no more hair on the floors…

Biotin 5000 mcg Safety

Biotin-5000-eu-naturals-amazon-buyIn comparison to some of the other products out there, Biotin for Hair Growth by Eu Natural is made in the United States of America. Each batch of the product is strictly analyzed to meet the FDA standards and it is certified by a cGMP certified laboratory. This product is suitable for vegetarians, those on gluten-free diets, on wheat-free diet, or those who are lactose intolerance.

The supplement has no fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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