Discover Why Most Cytogainer Reviews Do Not Share All Ingredients

Exercising lots but aren’t seeing the results you’ve been looking for? You weight train for strength and endurance multiple times per week, but your muscles don’t seem to be growing. Is this a familiar scenario for you? Do you ever wonder if you’ve hit your maximum and this is as good as it’s going to get? If so, you might want to consider a whey protein powder like the Cytogainer that is designed specifically for you to gain muscle mass.

What Cytogainer is All About and Why You Should Care

CytoGainer-Protein-Drink-Mix-CytoSport-amazon-buyCytogainer is a whey protein powder that is used to promote muscle recovery, and muscle growth after a hard workout. It is easily absorbed into the body, which is what makes it so efficient. Cytogainer comes in the flavours banana crème, chocolate malt, chocolatce mint, cookies ‘n cream, strawberries ‘n cream, and vanilla shake. This review will be specifically focused on the Chocolate Malt flavor, which has slightly lower carbohydrates than the other flavours.

What About Ingredients?

  • Whey protein concentrate: this ingredient derives from milk that is pushed through a filter. The remains are dried and forms whey protein concentrate. It varies in fat and carbohydrates in the form of lactose. One serving of Cytogainer (2 scoops, 75g) contains 27g of protein. It is a high quality protein that contains all of the essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein and muscle.

There is a ton of research that indicates how whey protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis, the process that produces bigger and stronger muscles. It rapidly digests and the amino acids are absorbed into your blood stream. Your body then brings these amino acids to the muscles where they can quickly start synthesizing protein.

Whey protein is an extremely rich form of branched-chain amino acids leucine, valine, and isoleucine. Leucine is the most important of the three. It is like the key to your car, turning on the powerful engine of protein synthesis.

  • Calcium: This mineral is excellent for bone growth and it will help strengthen your bones as your muscles grow.

What’s New in Cytogainer That You Cannot Find in Other Products

Cytogainer doesn’t only include protein and Calcium, but a variety of other vitamins and minerals. It’s a complete pre and post workout drink because it contains vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, and B12. In addition, you will find that it also contains numerous minerals needed for a healthy body.

It even contains creatine, which is recommended for people looking to build muscle and gain in size. 2 Servings of Cytogainer contains 3g of creatine.

Whey protein concentrate is not new, but there are several things that you might not have known about it. It increases blood flow to your muscles. This means that the blood is also carrying nutrients, such as glucose (energy), oxygen, and amino acids. These nutrients support muscle growth and help your muscles recover quickly after a workout.

Researchers from Denmark have recently found that participants who took a whey protein shake before and after workouts for 14 weeks had increased muscle growth by more than 25%, while those who consumed a carbohydrate-based drink saw no change in their muscle mass.

What about a protein versus protein study? Those who took a whey protein gained an average of 11 pounds of muscles versus those who consumed casein protein and gained an average of 2 pounds. This is a substantial difference in weight gain.

Does Cytogainer Work?

This supplement is very effective if you’re a skinny guy trying to bulk up. After a couple tubs and hours and hours of dedication at the gym I saw drastic results. Cytogainer has a lot of good things going for it. It tastes good, it’s easy to digest and if you get if from Amazon it’s reasonable priced

You can read the full Amazon review here.

What You Might Not Like About Cytogainer

CytoGainer-Protein-Drink-Mix-CytoSport-amazon-buyDespite generally positive reviews on this product, there have also been some complaints.

  • If you don’t actively workout while using this product, you will gain weight (in fat, not muscle) because of the carbohydrates that are in it
  • While there are numerous flavours, they don’t have all the flavours available that some people would like
  • It tastes sweet, which is great for the overall population, but there are some people who would prefer a neutral tasting protein shake

It’s important to remember that Cytogainer is in no means a miracle product. The product was designed to be used by people actively workout and weight train.

This protein shake should also not be used as a meal replacement. Be sure that you are eating properly while you workout and use this product for maximum results.

Where To Buy Cytogainer From

You could get Cytogainer from the store, but you will likely find a much better deal online. I would suggest buying it from Amazon, because it is a huge company with great customer service. You will be sure to get reliable shipping from them and it is currently being sold for $43.36 on Amazon and it even comes with free shipping.

Should you really get this product? Before you decide on your answer, please ask yourself this. How important is it for you to gain muscle? If you are serious about your weight training goals, then I would highly suggest for you to try a whey protein powder like the Cytogainer for maximum workout results.

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