Garmin FR70 Review I Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor for Sport Performance

As you’re exercising, do you ever wonder how much your body is actually working? Or do you ever think, “I wonder if I should increase my pace and intensity, or reign it back a little bit to get the most optimum work-out for my body?” It’s hard to tell, isn’t it? After all, how do you tell what is an optimum work-out for your body?

There are certain heart rates it’s best to maintain while exercising, right? While there is no sure-fire answer to what the absolute optimum work-out is, there are certain products that can help you narrow in on these optimum work-outs by examining your heart rate, among other things. One such product is the Garmin FR70.

What Garmin FR70 is All About And Why You Should Care

Garmin-FR70-Fitness-Watch-Heart-Rate-Monitor-gps-amazon-buyGarmin FR70 is a dual indoor/outdoor fitness watch worn on the wrist. It is partnered with a heart rate monitor chest strap that fits around your upper stomach area, and is used in combination with the watch to help keep track of your work-out and body measurements, such as heart rate. It allows you to quantify how much you’re working out.

You should care about this product because it can help you become more efficient while exercising. By closely monitoring your heart rate while exercising, you can see if you are operating within the best heart rate zone for exercising.

Top Features

This fitness watch product boasts many helpful features. Some of the most important ones include:

  • A data tracker which calculates your time of exercise as well as heart rate.
  • Extremely accurate distance tracking.
  • 20 hours of data storage.
  • Water resistant capabilities for up to 50 meters.
  • A calories burned feature, which uses an advanced formula based on changes in the user’s heart rate while exercising to determine how many calories are being burned.
  • Technology that allows your watch to wirelessly send information to your computer so you can look at it after your workout.

What’s New in Garmin FR70 that You Cannot Find in Other Products

The most exciting thing about this product, unique completely to the Garmin FR70, is that it allows you to purchase the Garmin Foot Pod and create customizable training pages. That sounds really fancy, so let me explain what it means. Basically, you get to make your own workout regime on the GPS, and you get to make multiple regimes. So, if you want to do an endurance workout, you might start off like this: program a warm-up period of a ½ mile light jog in your GPS. Then program five sets of one mile runs with intervals: with intervals means you can program, say, a five minute break of just walking between each mile. Then you can program a cool down of walking. That could be your “endurance workout.”

So what if you wanted a tempo workout? You could do that exact same thing, but change the pre-programmed routes. It’s really simple, but really amazing that you can program this into your GPS beforehand and just follow the routes and work-out plan that you’ve already programmed. This feature is also very user FRiendly, so it’s not really a problem figuring it out.

Does Garmin FR70 Work?

The Garmin FR70 works very well and efficiently at what it says it does. Many reviews on the product are remarkably positive. For example, one reviewer said that it’s:

People who have tried this product rave about its easy of use and how it has enough perks without being overwhelming. They love how the virtual partner makes for easy pacing and monitoring…and also enjoy the online help center and website…

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Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying Garmin FR70

Garmin-FR70-Fitness-Watch-Heart-Rate-Monitor-gps-amazon-buyWhile this product has many neat features, just like anything else, it is not perfect. Some of the most common problems with the product are listed below:

  • The buttons seem a little hard to push, but that’s because it’s not a push mechanism. You push it up and let it go, thus the watch reacts to the release mechanism. So push harder and holding it won’t actually make the button react—all you have to do is release it right away after pushing and it should work.
  • It doesn’t come with a GPS on it, which is done intentionally to drastically reduce price compared to other watches and heart rate monitors. This can be easily amended, however, by purchasing the Garmin Foot Pod, which works very well with it and gives it that special extra feature.
  • The high resolution display is not as high resolution as it could be for some people’s tastes.

Where to Buy the Garmin FR70 From

The best place to buy this product from is possibly Amazon, where you’ll probably find the cheapest prices, reliable service, and be sure to get trustworthy shipping. It is currently selling for $12.58 on Amazon.

So do I have a final verdict on the product? This product is really beneficial for people looking to increase their efficiency while working out. Time is already hard to come by in this busy world, so if you can find anything that might let you get more out of your work-outs in the same amount of time, I say go for it, get the product, and watch it benefit you.

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