Gold Toe Socks Review. Cotton Athletic Socks for Men. Works for EveryDay Use Also

You know what’s crazy? How we have to buy the same things over and over again. Sure, some things make sense: food, toothpaste, toilet paper…all those things need to be replaced eventually, simply because they run out. There’s no way around that. But then there are other things that seem like they should last for years, but somehow we find ourselves buying them again every four or five months.

One of these items is socks. You wear them every day to work, to take a walk, to do whatever you do. Then at the end of the day you wash them, and they are used again some other day. They are made out of, for the most part, cotton. So this seems like an item we should not have to replace too often—after all, it’s not like we “run out of” the sock—it should always be there. Yet we do buy new socks constantly, because most of the socks that we buy are simply low quality. This problem actually bothers me, so I decided to try and find information about a high quality sock. This review is intended to look at one of these higher quality pairs of foot-coverers: gold toe socks.

What Gold Toe Socks are All About and Why You Should Care

Gold-Toe-socks-men-Cotton-Athletic-buy-amazonSo, gold toe socks are socks: we all know what those are. They get their name because the ends of the socks, near the toe area, are made with a golden fabric. But what’s so special about these socks? Well, they are designed to be very comfortable and soft feeling, and, more importantly, very long lasting. What about these socks are supposed to make them longer lasting than other ones? Let’s find out…


While the distinguishing feature of these gold toe socks is the golden fabric near the toe end of the sock, they offer some other features, such as:

  • The seams near the gold part are purposefully flattened for a better fit in your shoes, so that the end of your sock isn’t squished against the top of your shoe; this happens with normal socks lots of times, and is part of the reason why basic socks don’t last as long.
  • A specific breathability design: these socks are designed with breathability in mind, so that your feet can still air out while in your shoes, or even just when you’re wearing the socks.
  • Being machine washable and dryable without ruining the quality of the sock.
  • Versatility: These socks are meant to be worn in a variety of situations: from regular day use to athletic activities.

What’s New in Gold Toe Socks that You Can’t Find in Other Products

The real secret as to why these socks supposedly last so long: they aren’t just made out of cotton like most socks. They are made of 17% nylon and 1% spandex. This means that these socks are able to hold their shape better and last longer. The ends of the socks—near the toes and ankle areas, specifically—are especially reinforced with the nylon, meaning the sock will stay fitted to the shape of your foot better. It doesn’t seem like a large change, and that’s because it isn’t. But by changing the composition of the socks ever so slightly, it significantly increases the lasting ability of this foot wear.

Do Gold Toe Socks Work?

Socks are socks: if they cover your feet, they technically “work.” But based on the dozens of positive reviews that I’ve read online, simply saying these socks “work” or “do their job” seems to be an understatement. As one reviewer began:

“Amazon notes that these socks are ‘Only made from the finest yarns.’ They mean it, too! These socks keep your feet warm; and they are very well made and last forever. I especially like the way that they are reinforced at the heel and toe for lots and lots of wear. These athletic crew socks can be worn for athletic activities but of course they could be worn for everyday routine use as well…”

To see the rest of this review, and many other reviews on this product visit and begin your searching.

Gold Toe Socks Complaints

Whenever I review a product, it’s not usually very difficult to find some complaints. I mean, no product is perfect, right? There has to be some people out there displeased with some things about the product. Surprisingly, it was really hard for me to find actual complaints about these socks, but find them I did. These complaints are listed below:

  • They are a bit pricy, done to reflect the significant upgrade in quality compared to other socks.
  • They should be dried on low heat if you want to maximize the lasting power of these socks. Drying on higher heat might affect the length of their high quality feel.
  • At first, before a couple of washings and dryings, they seem to shed a little bit of fuzz, which might be annoying to some people.

Where to Buy Gold Toe Socks From

Gold-Toe-socks-men-Cotton-Athletic-buy-amazonFirst of all, I guess you should ask yourself: should you buy these socks? From the reviews and my research it is obvious that these are higher quality socks that will need to be replaced much more infrequently than the typical sock. Plus, they are very versatile in their use. These are probably the two biggest benefits from buying these socks, so just consider what that’s worth to you.

If you do decide to purchase the gold toe socks, I recommend getting them from Amazon.

Amazon usually provides very reliable service, with fast and easy shipping. The biggest benefit, however, are the price savings you get on Amazon. Since Amazon is such a large business, it’s very easy to find cheaper items there than you would in other in person retailers. Currently the socks are selling for $15+ on Amazon.

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