Hernia Surgery Recovery Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Hernia surgery recovery process is ordinarily expected to help your body heal and get over the pain of operation. It’s also meant to help your mind recover from trauma. As such, you’re expected to do some specific things and to avoid others. Here’s a brief look at some of the dos and the don’ts.

What you should do to recover from hernia surgery ASAP

Hernia-surgery-recoveryOnce you’re released from the hospital, you should get a mature person to collect you. Preferably, he should have a car and if not please make arrangements for a taxi. You’re discouraged from using public means of transport or walking all the way back home.

Your doctor will send you home with a pack of painkillers to contain some initial discomforts that may occur. Your groin is likely to feel sore and you’re likely to feel uncomfortable whenever you strain or lift an object. If such discomfort proves too much to bear, then you should take painkillers as advised by the hospital.

The way you treat the wound post-surgery is also a crucial point to observe. If you’re too careless in handling the treated area, you can create room for bacteria and this may cause you more trouble. Your answer will show you how to best take care of your hygiene and how to care for your wound. They’ll as well teach you how to take a bath without pouring dirty water on the wound. Be sure to follow their advice to the letter.

Diet is yet another crucial another important hernia surgery recovery factor that you need to observe highly. It’s recommended that you take plenty of fruits and vegetables. You should also throw in a couple of high fiber foods such as wholemeal bread to avert possible constipation which may severe pain due to strain.

Pain levels may differ from one person to another. If you’re lucky to suffer extreme pain, then you can get back to your normal routine in just a few days. However, you should avoid lifting heavy stuff for the first few months until your body is completely healed. In case the pain is too much, don’t panic as the medicine your doctor gave you is capable of averting the pain in time.

To facilitate faster recovery, you’re encouraged to have adequate sleep.

What you shouldn’t do after hernia surgery

Dr. Michael Camilleri of Mayo Clinic (Minnesota based) recommends that you reduce strain on your abdominal tissues. And just as I have emphasized time and again, your body deserves a good rest until it fully recovers from the surgical wounds. You should allow max time until the effects of the drugs used in its treatment fades off completely. On that note, you are advised to desist from engaging in any strenuous physical activities. You should not engage in sex or strenuous exercises.

For obvious reasons, you should not attempt to drive a car or operate a technical machine. It’s also wise to put a stop all of your day to day engagements at take a holiday to allow both your physical and psychological self to fully recover. If you’re fond of consuming junk food, then it’s high time you stop to allow for full hernia surgery recovery.

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