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Is HPV curable?

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is-HPV-curableYou’ll find the answer once you’re done reading this article. First of all, the good news is that HPV can be controlled by boosting your body immune power. Its effects normally die gradually and with time you may find yourself testing negative of the same.

What’s the philosophy behind HPV?

HPV is caused by a virus from the papillomavirus family. Its strains are sub-categorized into low-risk HPV and high risk HPV. The main mode of transmission is through skin contact or sexual contact. One of its most common symptoms is presence of warts on the hands, feet, vagina, cervix, vulva penis, scrotum or anus.

The virus normally penetrates into the body when one has sex with an infected person and therefore having anal/vaginal or oral sex makes you susceptible. High risk HPV can cause drastic changes that may lead to cancer; either – vaginal, vulvar, cervical, oropharyngeal or penile.

In a journal published by the American Medical Association, an estimated 7% of US youngsters carry the HPV virus in their mouths. This according to Dr. Maura L. Gillison (Ohio University) poses as a huge risk to the spread of HPV especially with cases of oral sex becoming quite common amongst casual sex partners.

A survey released early last year by the CDC found out that approximately 90% adults have tried oral sex along with 23% teenage girls and 27% teenage boys. Dr. Fred Wyand of the HPV resource center says that people tend to engage in oral sex more careless than they do vaginal sex.

Dr. Hans Schlecht of Drexel University College confirms that most HPV cases are harmless and that oral cancers are quite rare. He however recommends that partners use protection while engaging in oral sex.

Overall, HPV kills about 4220 individuals in the US alone every year – National Cancer Institute.

Is HPV Curable?

Here’s are some measures that can be taken to control it

If you test positive for this virus, you doctor may not necessarily put you under treatment. If the disease is still mild, he may suggest close monitoring. If in case the infection is severe, leading to cancer, then treatment measures necessary for control malignant cell growths may be recommended.

In most cases, you’ll find doctors suggesting Cryotherapy which is a simple freezing operation for containing the effects of malignant cells. Another commonly applied treatment is known as conisation which gets rid of the malignant cells from the affected areas. Depending on the extent of the infection, you may also find them recommending something called Loop Electrosurgical Exclusion Procedure to remove the abnormal cells using concentrated electric current.

For the records, there’s no cure for HPV but it can be contained. In fact you’ll rarely find it overpowering a healthy immune system.

HPV Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. The best way to prevent HPV is by abstaining from sex and/or deep kissing. Else, you can get a vaccine if you’re not sure of your sexual life.

Have I answered your question on “Is HPV curable?” to your satisfaction? I hope so.

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