What Most People Do Not Know About OxyElite Pro and Weight Loss

Do you find that you are overweight? No matter how much you try to lose weight, you cannot control your snacking? Do you find that your diets work great at first and then lose motivation and eat more than ever? Well, there may be something out there that will help you.

Last week, my friend was talking to me about a product called OxyElite Pro that she saw on the Internet. I was a little hesitant about it, because I have heard a lot of negative things in the news about weight loss products so I decided to do some of my own in depth research to see if it really can work and if it’s safe to use.

UPDATE: OxyElite Pro is not sold on Amazon anymore. We recommend OxyElite Pure instead.


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What OxyElite Pro is All About and Why You Should Care

OxyElite is the number 1 fat loss formula in America today. This “super thermogenic” formula was developed by pharmacists and its potency and strength is unmatched by other formulas in the stores today.

It’s backed by multiple studies to prove that it works by turning off the very receptor in the body that holds onto body fat. It even increases metabolism, gives you long lasting energy, and decreases your appetite.

Something You Need to know About Ingredients

Body fat is held “hostage” by a receptor called Alpha 2-receptor. When trying to lose weight, this receptor is what’s causing your worst nightmare. The receptors are more concentrated in problem areas of your body, such as the stomach, hips, buttocks, and neck. Not only does the receptor stop the body from breaking down the body fat in those areas, it stores even more fat there causing you to gain weight.

What makes OxyElite Pro special is that it has one key ingredient that targets, blocks, and turns off the Alpha-2-receptor! This ingredient is known as Rauwolfia Canescens. (Rauwolscine). It comes from an evergreen tree found in Africa called the South African Quinine Tree.

Lately, it has become popular among athletes and bodybuilders. Rauwolscine reduces weight, which is the most important. Studies show that it prevents water retention, which helps you feel less bloated and results in reduced body weight.

Rauwolscine is similar to another ingredient called yohimbine. Yohimbine works well against Alpha 2-receptors, which is great. However, it also works against Alpha 1-receptors which can inhibit fat loss. Luckily, Rauwolscine works well against Alpha 2-receptors only, therefore there is no set backs on the fat loss.


What’s New in OxyElite Pro that you cannot find in other products

To understand how the following 2 ingredients work, we will take a moment to discuss thyroid hormones. You may have heard friends or coworkers tell you how they are unable to lose weight due to their thyroid problems. There are 2 thyroids components that are important when it comes to fat loss: Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3).

T3 is about 3-4 times more powerful than T4, but both are still important when it comes to weight loss. They both help increase your metabolism, increases protein synthesis (which is great for preserving lean muscles while losing fat), decrease the effects of fat-storing insulin, and can even increase your mood by increasing serotonin levels.

We want the body to produce more T3 and T4 and the OxyElite Pro has ingredients to help with that: Bauhinia purpurea L and Bacopa monnieri (Leaf). Bacopa monnieri is an herb that can be found in India. In addition to increasing T3 and T4 levels, it has been shown to increase memory and mental functioning.

This is great because when people are trying to lose weight, they notice that they get tired and their attention span in shorter. This ingredient in OxyElite Pro won’t just maintain your attention span and memory, but can even help increase it!

What You May Not Like About OxyElite Pro

The original formula of OxyElite Pro is no longer found on the market. Why did they make a new formula? This is because it contained the ingredient DMAA, also known as geranium stem. DMAA was previously used as a stimulant and although research has shown good and bad effects of DMAA, the FDA has advised consumers and companies against using the product due to some pretty serious side effects such as heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

While some customers have found great results with the original formula, most people feel that it would be safer to use OxyElite Pro without DMAA. You may have heard things in the news about DMAA and even OxyElite Pro because it contained the ingredient. You will be happy to hear that you can no longer find OxyElite Pro with DMAA anywhere and all new formulas are now safer to use.


I have done quite a bit of research and have found that some people feel jittery while using it. It’s important to remember that this supplement already contains caffeine. Caffeine is important because it helps reduce appetite, which causes you to eat less. You could just drink coffee or tea all day, but it will not be as effective as it is in combination with all the other ingredients in OxyElite Pro.

The company that produces OxyElite suggests people to not take any caffeine while using it. If you are a fan of coffee or tea, it’s a good idea to just stick with decaf for a while. Those who don’t drink very much coffee often or are sensitive to caffeine may have difficulties adjusting to the formula.

This is why I suggest starting off with smaller doses. This way, it gives your body time to get used to all the caffeine and ingredients in the OxyElite. Your body may take 1-2 weeks before you stop feeling these effects. It’s always very important to remember that everyone can react differently.

Where to buy OxyElite Pro From

Typically, buying products online is usually the cheapest in comparison to buying it at the store. Shipping is generally fast, and you can even find free shipping on sites like Amazon. You can find this product on Amazon or even directly from the company’s website.

It’s in your best interest to try OxyElite Pro today if you are looking to lose some weight and get into your best shape so that you can feel your best. Your experience may with OxyElite may be different than your friend’s or colleague’s experience. That’s why it’s always good to try it for yourself to see how well it can work for you! Slimming down and maintaining your goal weight could happen faster than you imagined!

UPDATE: try OxyElite Pure instead.

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