Top 5 Parvo Symptoms Explained in Layman Terms

What Is Parvo

Parvo-SymptomsBefore you get a good idea of parvo symptoms are, you need to realize the fact that the word ‘parvo’ itself is an abbreviation of Parvovirus. This name is used to describe a family of viruses but the most important of these is the Parvovirus B19, the only that affects humans. It is also referred to as erythrovirus B19.

The infection from the Parvovirus B19 is mainly seen in children and it causes a rash. This rash is known by other names such as fifth disease, slapped cheek syndrome, slapped cheek disease or erythema infectiosum. As hinted at earlier, this mild rash illness is seen more in kids than adults. When a child is down with the infection, there is an array of symptoms that are manifested and they will be discussed shortly.

How Does One Get Parvo

This virus is mainly spread by droplets from an infected person, especially during respiration.

Another way by which one can get parvo infection is by being a recipient of infected blood during transfusion. For someone who has been exposed to this pathogen, the manifestations of the symptoms take place after about a week after the initial exposure. These symptoms can then last for about one week, depending on various factors such as the immune system of the individual.

What Are the Main Parvo Symptoms and Signs

There are parvo symptoms which you can use to identify an infection. These include the following:

  • Headache
  • Slapped cheek rash:

This is considered the classic symptom of the disease. The rash appears as an erythema on both cheeks without affecting the nose, mouth and eyes. It appears after about four days and disappears after lasting for a few days. After the disappearance of the facial rash, another rash can appear in the extremities and is usually itchy in older patients.

  • Rhinitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain

In addition to the following that have been listed, there can also be some other symptoms as fever, malaise and nausea.

What Can Be Really Done About Parvo Symptoms

What are you expected to do if you wake up one day and you see your child manifesting these symptoms? Well, the nice thing about this disease is that it is normally mild and will even go away on its own. But that does not mean you should not do anything to address the symptoms.

The treatment methods taken for parvo are to relieve the symptoms enumerated above.

For now, there is no vaccine or medication that can be used as a method of prevention against parvovirus B19 infection. But that is not to say that there are no strategies that you can employ in fending off infections or reduce the spread when infected, teach these to your kids too. One is for you to always wash your hands regularly with soap and water while another measure is for you to ensure that when you cough or sneeze, releasing respiratory droplets, cover your mouth. Stay away from those who are sick, avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth and endeavor to stay back at home when you are sick.

Upon getting in touch with your doctor, you can get over-the-counter medications to treat your child. However, in a case where the parvo symptoms are a lot more complicated, then you need to actually pay a visit to the nearest medical center.

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