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There are a lot of little things in life that are, frankly, annoying. They might not seem like much, but they bother you nonetheless. You have a very slight headache that just won’t go away, your fingernails seem to be getting just a little too long, your eyes start itching when you stare at something for a while…you know what I mean, right?

One of these annoying feelings in life is when your feet are roughed up with calluses and the skin is cracking. You know what I’m talking about: your feet feel dry and itchy, they don’t look good, they catch on your socks when you’re taking off your shoes, and so many more things. So how do you stop this really annoying sensation from happening to you? Well, you could lotion your feet often, but that doesn’t get rid of the already dead skin on your feet. Perhaps a more effective method would be removing the dry, roughed up skin in the first place, such as with a Ped Egg.

What You Need to Know About Ped Egg

buy-from-amazon-Ped-Egg-Pedicure-Foot-FilePed Egg is a foot file. It’s not flashy or fancy, it’s not meant to be revolutionary or groundbreaking; it really is just a simple foot file. You use it on your feet and are able to remove calluses that result from long days walking, or just extensive use of your feet over time, and turn them into powder. When you’ve finished filing your feet, the dry areas of the skin on your feet should basically be gone, the rough, itchy areas should be eliminated, and your skin should feel nearly baby-soft. The Ped Egg, essentially, strives to be an at home pedicure without the hassle and without the expense. But before you decide to buy it, you should consider how well it works, and what features about it make it work [if it does work]. This review aims to answer those questions.

Ped Egg Features

Well, the Ped Egg offers several features that seem to make it an effective foot file. Three of its main features include:

  • It has a two sided design: one side is the filing portion of the product, which files your feet. It connects to the second side containing a convenient storage container, which automatically collects the skin particles filed from your feet
  • Comes with two emery finishing pads, so you can use these for finishing touches.
  • An “ergonomic” design. All “ergonomic” really means is the design of the Ped Egg is meant to fit the human hand to make it easier to use. If you look at a picture of it, it actually resembles a computer mouse: it fits the hand well!

What’s New in Ped Egg that You Can’t Find in Other Products

The design of the Ped Egg is really what’s unique about it. It was the first to come up with the design of using stainless steel microfiles. Currently equipped with 135 of these microfiles, it works better than normal nail files, faster than creams and lotions, and even better than natural filers such as pumice stones. These 135 stainless steel microfiles work very smoothly: much more so than other comparable microfile feet filers. That is because the stainless steel is sharper than other types of blades, and helps keep the blades sharper longer. A common complaint about other similarly priced microfilers is that the blades already seem dull after the first use. This complaint is not really applicable to the Ped Egg, as it remains relatively sharp for a long while.

Does Ped Egg Work?

Ped Egg is actually very effective at removing calluses and helping you get rid of dry skin on your feet. Even though people purchase the product with that as the intent in mind, they are often surprised at just how effective the product really is. For example, one reviewer said

“In the last few years I noticed that my heels were getting dry and cracked…On a whim I ordered the ‘Ped Egg’. I followed the instructions exactly and to my complete amazement, it worked! I saw a huge improvement with the very first use.”

This review was found on Amazon, and you can read the rest of it, or other reviews, by going to the product page for the Ped Egg on Amazon and clicking on the reviews.

Ped Egg Complaints

buy-from-amazon-Ped-Egg-Pedicure-Foot-FileWhen I research a product, I research the good with the bad. Some complaints about the Ped Egg that I found are listed below:

  • Even though it is designed exactly for the shape of your hand, some say it can feel a little bulky and wanted it to have a different design.
  • If you’re not careful and hold the Ped Egg upside down, some of the foot filings may fall out of the backside container.
  • Product effectiveness may decrease over time as blades become duller. Even with the longer lasting blades, they do dull eventually. It’s important to note that replacement blades are available for a relatively low cost, should you ever need to replace them.

Where to Buy Ped Egg From

Ped Egg can be found in certain select stores as well as online. However, the best place to buy it is on Purchasing it from Amazon saves you the hassle of finding a store where it would be available in person. Plus, Amazon prices are usually much cheaper than those you would find elsewhere. Ped Egg is currently being sold for 7 dollars on Amazon.

So, is buying Ped Egg a good idea? If you have dry, callused feet, and want to get rid of them, consider the benefits of Ped Egg: it can do just that, remove calluses and dry skin. Whether these benefits are worthwhile enough to buy Ped Egg is a decision I leave to you.