Root Canal Symptoms Explained in Layman Terms I Top 5 Root Canal Signs

What Is The Root Canal

root-canal-symptomsSince we are going to discuss root canal symptoms today, it is just imperative to discuss the root canal itself. Just as its name describes, the root canal is a space or cavity that exists within the root of a tooth.

A root canal is one of the components of the space that is naturally present in a tooth and is made up of the pulp chamber, a major canal and numerous branches that link up with the surface of the root itself. There are times when there are certain disorders or diseases with the root canal, and this gives rise to the symptoms that will be discussed shortly.

What Are Root Canal Symptoms

When your pulp becomes infected, then you will start manifesting the symptoms of root canal infection. This type of infection normally results after tooth decay. The following are the five most pronounced symptoms:

  • Pain during mastication: You feel serious pain when you consume. It is particularly noticed when one takes hot or cold drinks or beverages. The same goes for when you chew or bite on food substances.
  • Loosening of the teeth: With time, the structure of the gum is affected and the teeth become progressively weaker in their socket.
  • Production of pus: With time, the cells of the body’s immune system die and collect with the killed microorganisms as pus.
  • Discoloration of the teeth, which becomes darker in appearance.
  • Swelling of the mouth, especially in the gum region.

With time, the dental pulp may die and if that happens, what follows is the cessation of these symptoms. And at that time, you may think that there is healing but this is not the case. Rather, the infection is spreading all over the root canal. Thus, whenever root canal symptoms seem to disappear, do not just forget it, for the condition is just starting to progress.

What Is the Importance of Root Canal Symptoms

One major importance of these symptoms when they appear is that they serve as a good index for dental health. Once they appear, then you know that something is wrong and it is time for you to pay your dentist a visit.

What Do You Do When You Have Root Canal Symptoms

Well, like other symptoms, those of the root canal are also managed like others. The good thing with them is that with the availability of current and latest dental technologies, there are different modes of therapy that are usually employed.

Sealants may be used to close up the cavities.

Other methods made use of by dentists are cosmetic procedures, implants, prosthesis, surgical sessions, whitening therapy and special fluoride therapies.

As you might have observed, these are specialist interventions and you cannot do them on your own. Therefore, the best thing to do is to make sure that you pay a visit to a consultant dentist or a dental surgeon.

When manifesting symptoms as these, dentists are in the very best position to ensure that you get the adequate treatment. What is being implied here is that you should not attempt to get rid of these numerous symptoms on your own, as that can even lead to complications.

Thus, the ideal thing for you to do is to pay a visit to the dental clinic whenever any of these root canal symptoms come up.

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