Tonsillectomy Recovery Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Tonsillectomy recovery requires you to not just follow your doctor’s advice but also to live a healthy life so as to avert unanticipated re-infection.

tonsillectomy-recoveryI’m assuming that you’ve already received treatment and that you have been sent home with some medicine. I’m also hoping that the nurses have brought you up to speed with some things that you’re supposed to do to stay healthy in the recovery period. If YES (to all), then you’ve just landed on right page.

Uncovering the Philosophy behind Tonsillectomy Recovery

In strict medical terms, tonsillectomy is referred to as an out-patient procedure. Thus once the procedure is done, you’re not supposed to be held within the hospital and that’s why the nurses gave you the nod to leave.

May be you wondered why they did so yet you were still in pain. Well, pain or on pain, they know that you’ll recover soon so long as you do what they told you. Here’s a recap of some basic precautions that you need to take for Tonsillectomy Recovery.

Tonsillectomy Recovery Dos

Take your medication as prescribed. Don’t ignore this no matter what you think or your friends think. In case you erroneously skip a dose, do not double it up with the next. Just carry on with the other doses as usual until you finish the drugs or until your doctor recommends otherwise.

At this point, you throat needs plenty of fluids. Make sure to take lots of water and other healthy drinks. Please avoid consuming alcohol and other hard drinks, at least for now.

In the short run, please avoid eating hard foods. Only take healthy foods that are light and easy to swallow e.g broth. Again, you should desist from taking spicy foods. Foods such as pudding and ice cream may be added to the diet but only if they can be tolerated.

Your body needs adequate rest so as to heal and to recover from trauma. That said, you should consider changing your daily routine until everything is OK. Consider applying for a one month leave from your workplace.

Remember, adequate sleep is necessary for quick Tonsillectomy recovery

Tonsillectomy Recovery Don’ts

Do not ignore any cases of bleeding. If in you notice blood oozing from the affected region do not keep quiet and hope it’ll just stop. Call your hospital and let them take a look at it. Sometimes another surgery may require to be done.

Do not smoke cigarettes at the recovery stage. Tobacco smoke has some toxic elements which can seriously affect the healing process.

I know this is tricky one for some people but well, you should avoid talking too much. Talking causes contractions and relaxations of the throat muscles and this may slow down the healing process.

Don’t chomp in the bits hoping that the recovery will take place within just two days. In reality, you have to be patient at least for one week in order for the pain to start diminishing. In that regard patience is a virtue.

Now you know what to do for faster tonsillectomy recovery. I wish you a quick recovery!

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